dual layer shell 1 - KEYone
dual layer shell 2 - KEYone

Dual Layer Shell

  • Dual layer for sturdy protection
  • Soft inner layer perfectly fits every corner
  • Smooth outer layer with classic feeling


  • Pocket comes with built-in card slot
  • Opening to view time, date and notifications
  • Keep talking while in pocket
  • Genuine leather that feels good in hand
pocket 1 - KEYone
pocket 2 - KEYone
a 3 1 - KEYone


  • Full and firm design for improved protection
  • Keep talking with case closed
  • Opening to view time, date and notifications

Soft Shell

  • Snugly fits over the curves and buttons
  • High-grade TPU for durable protection
  • Customized finish keeps the original beauty of KEYone
  • Classic 3D grid matte texture back for enhanced grip
soft shell 1 - KEYone
soft shell 2 - KEYone